How to Update to The Latest WordPress Version: WordPress 5.4 and What’s New

A few days ago, a new update to WordPress was released. WordPress 5.4 “Adderley” comes with some cool new features and here is how to update to the latest version and what’s new.


How to Update to WordPress 5.4

You should already get a notice on your WordPress site that WordPress 5. 4 is available as in this screenshot.

wordpress 5.4 update

You can click on  “please update now” to go to the update page.

Alternative you can get to the update page from Dashboard >> Updates


From the WordPress Update page, you can see the updates available for your websites.

To begin updating your WordPress to 5.4, click on “update now

wordpress update core

It is recommended you make a backup of your website files and database before you update. But the chance of breaking your website without a backup when you update is really low.  So you can take a chance if you want.

You can also check: How to backup your website from Cpanel Softaculous

Once you click on the update now, wait for WordPress to complete the update. If successful, you will get to the WordPress about page.

wordpress 5.4

What’s New on WordPress 5.4?

The Block Editor

One prominent feature of WordPress 5.4 is being able to do more with their block editor, making your post and pages more alive.

  • Two new blocks were introduced: Social Icons and Buttons
  • You now have two New ways with colors:  Gradients can be used on buttons and cover blocks.
  • Toolbar access to color options in Rich Text blocks
  • And for the first time, color options in the Group and Columns blocks.
  • Version 5.4 streamlines the whole process for placing and replacing multimedia in every block.
  • The block editor now comes with Cleaner UI, clearer navigation—and easier tabbing!
  • You now get, 14% faster loading of the editor, 51% faster time-to-type!
Better Privacy

WordPress 5.4 helps with a variety of privacy issues around the world and here are some features

  • Personal data exports request now include users-session information and user’s location data from the community events widget. Plus, a table of contents!
  • See progress as you process export and erasure requests through the privacy tools.
For Developers
  • WordPress 5.4 now allows adding custom fields to menu items without a plugin or writing custom codes
  • You can style blocks the way you need them. And, a refactor got rid of four redundant wrapper divs.
  • If you build plugins, you can now register collections of your blocks by namespace across categories—a great way to get more brand visibility.
  • Let users do more with two new APIs: block variations and gradients.
  • In embeds, now the block editor supports TikTok—and CollegeHumor is gone.

Find out more about whats’s available for developers in 5.4

You can find out more about WordPress 5.4

What are you excited about in WordPress 5.4? you can let me know in the comment section.

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