What is WordPress Site Health Tool & How to Use It

Are you using the WordPress site health tool located in your WordPress dashboard? This is a very useful tool every WordPress site owner should be using from time to time.

So What is WordPress Site Health Tool?

wordpress site health

As of WordPress 5.2, WordPress introduced a brand new feature called Site Health. The Site health tool shows any improvements that could be made on your website from the “Status” Tab and every detail about the configuration of your WordPress website from the “Info” Tab.

An Overview of The WordPress Site Health Tool

You can access the site health tool from Tools>>SiteHealth in your WordPress dashboard.

site health tool

From the Status tab, you can see the critical issues and recommended improvements if any on for your WordPress site.

site health status

You will also get a detailed description of what actions needed to be taken on your website.

inactive plugins
detail description of inactive plugins

Still, on the status tab, you will get the test your websites have passed.

status passed test wordpress website

The status tab is a very key important element for every WordPress website owners. Use this section to see what improvement your website needs.

On the “Info” Tab, you will get details of the configuration of your WordPress website, such as your WordPress version, active theme, parent theme, active plugins, inactive plugins server options, database, etc.

site health options

site health info2

WordPress version
WordPress Version

How to Use The Site Health Tool to Fix a Problem on Your Website

Let’s go back to the “status” tab and check out the improvement you can make on your WordPress website.

Let’s take for example you get an improvement for your website telling you you should remove inactive plugins from your website.

inactive plugins
inactive plugins

You will get a detailed description of how many plugins are inactive  and if a plugins need update you will get how many too.

To delete inactive plugins, you will need to click “manage your plugins“.

From the plugins page, you will get to see All plugins, active plugins, inactive plugins & plugins that require an update. Click on any of the links to filter your plugins.


From the inactive plugin filter, you can then delete those plugins by checking them and select delete from the drop-down before you click apply.

inactive plugin delete

If you have very few plugins on your website that are inactive and maybe use in the future, you can leave them, but make sure they are up to date.

Here is an article on: How to Properly Update WordPress, Themes & Plugins (Improve On Website Security)

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