What are Permalinks in WordPress, Why and How to Set Them

Permalinks in WordPress are the permanent URLs to your individual pages and blog posts in your WordPress site, as well as your category and tag archives.

They are used to link to your contents on the web and they should always remain permanent as changing them can break the link.

Before you begin creating contents on your website, it is important you decide on a permalinks structure because changing permalinks later on can seriously impact on your blog search engine visibility.


Why Change Your Permalinks

By default WordPress permalinks structure is plain.


Where “123” is the ID of a given post or page in your WordPress website.

Using the Plain permalinks structure can be a wrong choice as it is not good for your SEO and Human can’t tell what the permalink is about.

For example, here is a blog post permalink on this blog.


From the permalink, you and google can easily tell what the blog post is going to be about when you visit the link (Great for SEO).

But if i was to link to same article but with the plain permalink structure,


Then no one can know anything about the link.

How to set Permalinks in WordPress

There are two ways you can set permalinks in WordPress.

1. You need to set the default permalink structure after you install a new WordPress Website. ( Very important action to take on a new WordPress because it gives your website the right structure to work with in future.

Note: Changing your WordPress permalink structure in future to a new one especially when you have lots of contents on your website can break your links leading to page/post not found. Changing permalinks structure can also seriously impact your search engine visibility.

2. Recommended to set custom permalinks for single post types.

1. How to set the default permalink structure in WordPress

To set your WordPress permalink structure from the admin area, go to Settings >> Permalinks.


Once there, select the Post Name.

post name permalinks

Why use the Post Name Permalink Structure

  1. SEO friendly.
  2. Simple and clear permalink structure.
  3. Keeps the Url shorter compare to when you have dates on your URL.
  4. No dates- As it makes post look outdated quickly even if it is not.

After you have selected Post Name, click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the Permalinks Settings Page.

permalinks save changes

2. How to set individual permalinks for posts/pages

After you have setup the overall permalinks structure, you can now go ahead and set the permalinks structure for individual page or post.

To do so, you will need to be editing individual post or page.

On the edit screen, just below the title field, you will see this area.


To edit the permalink. click the “edit” button and a box will appear. You can type in pretty much anything there.

edit permalinks 1

After you have entered your permalink, click the “Ok” button.

But it is recommend to use the post given title for the permalink or simplified version of it.

Don’t forget to publish/update post/page for the permalink to take effect.

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