How to Upload WordPress Files Using cPanel File Manager

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In this tutorial, let’s look at how you would go about uploading our WordPress file to hosting using the cPanel file manager.

This tutorial is a step to take in my previous tutorial: How to Install WordPress Manually – Steps to Take

Let’s get started

How to Upload WordPress Files For Manual Installation Using File Manager

1) Download WordPress from The file should be downloaded as zip file.

2) Next, login into your hosting control panel

3) Go to File Manager

file manager
namecheap cpanel

4) On the file manager page, you will need to upload the WordPress zip file to the domain name directory. If you can’t see the domain name or sub domain name folder where you can upload to, it probably means you have to add your domain or sub domain to your web hosting.

If you choose to use WordPress on a sub folder of your domain name e.g Blog. then you can create a new folder in your domain name folder,

To upload a zip file, click the upload link and you will be taking to the upload section to upload your file.



5) Once you have uploaded the WordPress zip file, next is extracting the files to your domain folder.

extracting files

To extract the WordPress zip file, right click and select extract to: make sure the location is where you want the extracted  files to be. e.g the domain folder.

6) If extracted correctly, you will see a list of WordPress files.



7) Next,Create MySQL database & user.

I Hope you find this guide on How to Upload WordPress Files For Manual Installation Using File Manager helpful. Please Feel free to write a comment below and share your experience with manual WordPress installation


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