How to Set up Live Chat on WordPress Website

Why Live Chat?

When it comes to customer satisfaction, if you want to gain a competitive advantage over your competitions, setting up a live chat on your website should be among your marketing methods.

Unlike the email channel which takes a long time to communicate and respond to customers, live chat communication is faster & convenient and customers love when they are replied to quickly.

Live chat software enables you to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website in real-time, allowing you to increase sales, conversation & build trust.

how to set up live chat on wordpress website

How to Set up Live Chat on Your WordPress Website using Tawkto

In this tutorial, I am going to teach how to set up live chat on your website using

tawkto is a popular and 100% free live software application you can use on your website. This software helps you monitor and chat with the visitors on your website, and it is easy to integrate on your WordPress website.

Let’s get started

1. Visit and signup for a free account

2. You will be prompted with a Setup Instruction where you will need to enter your website details.

3. After you have signup, install & activate WordPress plugin

Tawk.To Live Chat

4. Next, Go to settings >>


5. You will need to put in your tawkto login details and click “Sign In” to connect your account


6. Once you are logged in, select your website property from the drop-down, set widget as default and click “Use selected widget”.

7. Next, click “Save changes”

website propery tawkto, how to set up live chat on WordPress


8. After the changes have been saved, you can now visit your website front-end to see tawkto live chat integrated on the bottom right of your website. see the example below.

tawkto chat open tawkto-chat-close

9. Also, on the tawkto settings from your WordPress dashboard, you can choose on what pages of your website you want the live chat to show on or use the shortcode [tawkto] on specific post or page

tawkto4, how to set up live chat on WordPress

10. Now that the tawkto live chat is now on your website, to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website you will have to log into your dashboard at

From your tawkto dashboard, you can customize the live chat to suit your needs, like change color and the text that show when offline or online.

And whenever you log in to your tawkto dashboard, the live chat on your website will become online so visitors can easily chat with you.

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