How to Set a Static Page as Homepage in WordPress

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to set a static page as homepage in WordPress.

But why would you need to set a static page as your home page? – simple, to give visitors coming to your site an overview of your website.

For example, if your website is originally a blog, you may want to have a welcome page set as your home page and move the blog to another page.

The welcome page or your “landing” page is the first page your visitors see if they type in your website address in their browser. It may contain items that will direct visitors properly into other areas of your website.

How to Set a Static Page as Homepage

The first thing you will need to do is create the page first and have some content on it if you haven’t yet.

To add a page, login into your WordPress site as admin and

Go to Pages >> Add New

Add Page

You will be presented with an editor area where you can write your page.  Once ready click the blue button to have your page published.

Make a mistake? you can always make changes to your page and use the update button to keep the changes.

Add Page Screen, start a WordPress blog

Once you have your page ready, lets now go ahead and make the page your new home page.

Go to Settings >> Reading


By default, WordPress sets the home page as your latest posts page.

reading, How to Set a Static Page as Homepage

To have a static page instead of your latest post check the checkbox”A static page” and select the page you want to use as the “Homepage” from the drop-down”.

Also, if you still want to keep your latest posts but have them somewhere on your website, you can create a page called “Blog” and make the page the new latest post page by selecting it from the drop-down also.

See the screenshot below.

set static page, How to Set a Static Page as Homepage

Don’t forget to save changes.

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