How to Create Pretty Affiliate Links In WordPress Using Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

ThirstyAffiliates is a free and paid WordPress plugin that helps affiliate marketers & bloggers manage their affiliate links.

This plugin helps creates a new shortlink/link that redirects to your long ugly affiliate link by making a pretty link with your own website URL.


If you have a blog, affiliate marketing is a good way to monetize your blog and ThirstyAffiliates  Helps to manage affiliates links all from your WordPress Dashboard.

I will be showing you how to create a new link from your affiliate link using Thirsty Affiliates Plugin.

How to Create a new Affiliate Link In WordPress Using Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

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ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

Installing Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

Search, install & activate Thirsty Affiliates Plugin from your WordPress Admin.

I wrote an article on How to Install & Activate a Plugin From WordPress Dashboard

Or If you downloaded the plugin, I wrote an article on How to Install & Activate a Plugin From WordPress Admin By Uploading

Setting Up The Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

After you have Install and activated the plugin, There will be a ThirstyAffilates Menu on the left of your WordPress Dashboard.  Next, Click on ThirstyAffiliates Settings: ThirstyAffilates > Settings


On the Settings page > General, the only thing you have to change is the Default Link Insertion Type . Make sure you set this option to Link. Next, click on Save Changes.

thirstyaffiliate-settings-general, Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin

On the Settings Page > Link Appearance there are two options that determine how your affiliate link will appear.

ThirstyAffiliates Link Appearance, Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin

The First is the Link Prefix.  This is the prefix that comes before your cloaked link’s slug.

And the prefix above is recommends

You can click on the dropdown to select the prefix you want to use or you can set your custom prefix.

The Second is the Link Category In Url. If this option is checked, the primary selected category  will show in the url.


Personally I don’t check this option, because it will only make the link longer.

Note: Changing the settings of the Link Prefix and Link Category after you’ve used links in a post could break those links. Be careful!

Still on the link appearance page, there are many other options that can affect the link behavior. You just need know what you want.

Other link appearance settings you can change.

For Link Redirect Type. You can set that as 301 Permanent .


Set Use no Follow on Links as YES. You don’t want search engines to index them.

thirstyaffiliate-settings1, Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin

If you want the affiliate link to open in a new tab you select Yes on Open links in new window. I always recommend you open link in a new window.

Link Appearance Link open in a new window

For Pass query strings to destination url, select No


After you have filled up these options, now click the Save Changes Button to save your settings.

While there are other settings option you can check out, make sure you know what you want before making changes. Otherwise just do my settings above and leave the rest as default.

Creating The Affiliate Link Using Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

After you are done with the installation & Thirsty Affiliate settings.

We now need to add new affiliate links. Click on New Affiliate Link from the ThirstyAffiliate Menu.

ThirstyAffiliates-Add New Affiliate Link

On The New Affiliate Link Page,  You will need to fill your affiliate link details


As seen on the screenshot I am creating an affiliate link for Jetpack. In the destination URL put the actual affiliate link.

From the right side, you can be able to create categories or select existing to group your affiliate links. Still on the right side, You can find that the link Options are set to global which should be like that. Making Changes to this section will affect the global settings we did on the settings page.

Next, Click Save Link, and Automatically a cloaking affiliate link will be created for you base on your settings.

affiliate-link, Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin

How to use Thirsty Affiliates Link within a blog post?

Once you have created your affiliate link, you can then add it withing your blog post. Look at your WordPress editor toolbar options. you will find two TA Option Icon. The first option is used to add already created affiliate link and the second is used to quickly add a new cloaking affiliate link. Use the TA option like you interlink any of your blog posts.


How To Track Affiliate Link Visits

If you want to see the clicks on your affiliate links over a given period, you can do that from Reports section, from the ThirstyAffiliates Menu.



That’s it. I Hope you find this ThirstyAffiliates guide useful. If you are looking for a more personalize ThirstyAffliates Plugin, you can check out the Paid Version.

Please Feel free to write a comment below and share your experience with this plugin.

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