How to Create MySQL Database & User

When doing a manual installation of WordPress, one step you will need to take is to create a MySQL database and user. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do that.

How to Create MySQL Database & User

1) Login to your hosting control panel or cpanel

2) Once you have login, Click on MySQL Databases


3) On the Create New Database section, enter a name for you database and click the Create Database button. If done correctly your database will be created.



create-mysql-database new

database created

4) Go back to the MySQL Databases page, Next is to Create a User

5) On the Add New User section, enter a user name and password and click the create user button.

add new user

add new user, create MySQL Database User

user created

Now that the MySQL database and User is created, we need to now connect the user to the database.

6) Go back to the MySQL Databases page, go to the Add User To Database section.

7) Next, Select the created user and MySQL database from the drop down menu and click the Add Button.

add user to mysql database

8) After you click the Add button, next screen you will see is the Manage User Privileges section, make sure you check all privileges before clicking make changes.

manage user privileges uncheck, create MySQL Database User

manage user privileges, create MySQL Database User

manage user privileges success

That’s it, the MySQL Database & User is now ready to be use for the manual WordPress installation.

I Hope you find this guide useful. Please Feel free to write a comment below and share your experience on Creating MySQL Database & User.

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