How to Create Jump to Link to a Specific part of a Page or Post

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a jump to link to a specific part of a page or post.

Why use a Jump to Link? (Click on this link to see example)

Jump to links helps your website visitors navigate from one part of your page content to another. For example, you have a list of topics you want to cover in a post. You can link each topic name to a specific area further down your post.

Let me show you how to do that.

How to Create Jump to Link to a Specific part of a Page or Post

Creating a Page Jump using Classic Editor/HTML

When creating a page jump using the classic editor, there is two part that makes up the page jump. They are the target text and the link.

When the link is clicked by visitors, it brings visitors to the page where the target texts exist.

Setting Up Your Target Text

To set up your target text, click on the “text” tab in your classic editor of the page or post you are working on.


Next, you will need to use HTML ID to rewrite the text you want to link to.

For example, Let’s say you want to link to a text called “This is Section one” on your page. The HTML code will look like:

<p id="unique-name">This is section one</p>

The unique-name will be the identifier or label of the target text.

The unique-name can be any name you want to call it. But make sure there are no spaces in the ID name and it is unique to the target text.

<p id="section1">This is section one</p>
Setting Up Your Link

After you have created your target text,  click back on the “Visual” Tab.



Next, you will need to link to the target text. And to do that, you will need to select some text and click the “insert/edit link” button on your classic editor screen.

How to Create Jump to Link to a Specific part of a Page or Post

On the URL field, enter the symbol # followed by the unique ID name you used for your target text like this:

link to


link to 1

Once you are ready, Click the blue button and the target text will be created.

Also, if you want, you can use the “text” tab to write the text in HTML code like this:

<a href="#unique-name">link to the target text</a>

Note: You can have more than one jump link on a page, just make sure each ID name has a unique name and the name can be anything you want. Also, ID name can be used on not only paragraph (p) texts but can be used on the header text, images or most element on a page or post.

Here we have it, you can now create a jump to link. Don’t forget to publish or update your page/post to see the changes on the front end.

What More can a Jump to Link do?

Once you have created your jump to/target link, you can access the URL which links to that target.

To know the link, let’s say the page or post which has the jump to link is

All you have to do is add the # symbol followed by the target unique name ID at the end of the URL like this.

With your jump to link, you can link to the target text from any other post or page on your website. You can even share the link outside your blog e.g social media and when someone clicks on the link, they will get to the specific spot on your page/page.

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