How to Create an Image Gallery In WordPress Post or Page (Using WordPress Classic Editor)

Do you want an image gallery on your WordPress website to showcase your portfolio? In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create an image gallery using WordPress classic editor.

Let’s get started.

How to Create an Image Gallery In WordPress Post or Page Without Plugin (Using WordPress Classic Editor)

How to create an image gallery in wordpress

Classic Editor

Step 1: 

If you are using the latest version of WordPress, you need to Install & activate the classic editor plugin.

The classic editor was the default WordPress editor until a new type of editor (Block) was introduce in newer versions of WordPress.

Step 2:

Once you have the classic editor plugin activated, you will need to create a new page or post in which you want the gallery to be on.

From your WordPress admin,

If you want the gallery on a post, you go to Posts > Add New.

Add New Post

And if you want the gallery on a page you go to Pages > Add New.

Add Page

The process of adding a gallery to a post or page is the same.

Step 3:

Next, you will be presented with the post or page classic editor screen as seen below.

classic editor, how to create an image gallery in wordpress


Step 4:

Add the name of your gallery on the “add title” section. Next, click on “Add Media

my gallery

Step 5:

On the add media screen, click on “Create Gallery“.

add media screen, how to create an image gallery in wordpress

Step 6:

Next, you will need to either upload your image files or choose from existing ones on the media library.

Note: Make sure you properly name your image files as the name can show in your gallery images.

create gallery

Step 7:

Once you have uploaded and selected the images you want to use for the gallery, click on “Create Gallery”.

create gallery 1


Step 8:

You will be taking to the Edit Gallery page that contains all your selected images. You can decide to add more images to your gallery.

add images to gallery

From the edit gallery screen, you can be able to:

edit gallery, how to create an image gallery in wordpress

  1. Add captions to each image
  2. Reorder the image

One the right side of the Edit Gallery screen is the Gallery Settings.

Gallery Settings, how to create an image gallery in wordpress

From the gallery settings, You can:

  1. Link to the gallery image attachment page, media file or leave it as none.
  2. Choose the number of columns for the gallery. You can choose from 1 to 9.
  3. Have the random order box checked to have the gallery show different images rotation whenever the gallery page is visited
  4. Select image size for the gallery. (I recommend Thumbnail or Medium. But it depends on what size you want).
  5. Select The type of gallery you want.
Step 9:

Once you have made the necessary adjustment to your gallery images, click on “Insert  Gallery“.

Step 10:

Your gallery will be nicely inserted into your page or post.

gallery in post or page

You can always add more images and play with the gallery setting until you get the gallery style you like. Just click on the gallery and the pencil icon to edit the gallery.

make change to gallery

Step 11:

To publish your gallery, click on the Blue “Publish Button” on the right side of your post or page edit screen.

publish gallery


That’s it, you just published your gallery. You can now view the gallery page or post to see how it looks.  Also, you can choose to make changes to your gallery when you want. All you have to do is edit the page or post and edit the gallery on it. make sure you update your changes.

From your classic editor, you can also create Audio & Video playlist. Hopefully, I will be showing you how to do that in future posts & when I do, I will link to them here.

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