How to Buy a Domain Name From Namecheap & Change Nameservers to Your Web Hosting

Looking to Buy your Domain Name From Namecheap & change nameservers to Your Web Hosting? then this guide is for you.

If you are looking to get a domain name, then Namecheap is a great choice for your domain name.

Namecheap is a leading ICANN-accredited domain registrar that still provides hosting services. They are one of the fastest growing companies with over 10 million domains under management.

Why Namecheap Is so great for your Domain Name

While there are many domain registrar companies out there, to me, Namecheap is the best.  Most of my domain names are registered with Namecheap because of how easy I get to manage my domains with them.

That being said, here are some good reasons you should consider Namecheap for your domain name.

  1. Generally, their services are great with security features set in place
  2. Great customer care – You can reach them 24/7 on quick live chat with their fast response time.
  3. They are ICAAN Accredited
  4. Fewer upsell tactics unlike GoDaddy – You are not overwhelmed with so much domain add-ons
  5. They offer forever free WhoisGuard – Yes that’s right
  6. Their checkout process is so easy, straight forward and beginner friendly.
  7. You can easily manage, transfer a domain name with them.

Let’s go through the steps of how to buy a domain name from Namecheap & changing nameservers to your hosting.

How to Register a Domain Name With Namecheap

Step 1

Visit (Click on link) and on the domain name search, enter the name you want to register and click the search icon.

namecheap domain search

Step 2

The next screen will begin the search to check if the domain name you enter is available to register. Once available you will see the cost of the domain and can now add the name to cart.

Namecheap typical cost of a .com domain is 10.98$/year but you can get one now at 8.88$/year

If the domain name is not available to register, you have to search again or pick one from their suggested domain name.

Namecheap Domain Add to Cart

Step 3

After the domain name has been added to cart, Namecheap will give you some more options to add to cart for your domain name like Web hosting, SSL, etc.

If you are getting your web hosting from another hosting, you may want to only add to the cart the SSL.

But some hosting like Bluehost does come with a year free SSL for your domain name even if you didn’t buy the domain name from them. So check with your hosting first to know if you will need to buy an SSL with Namecheap or not.

One the view cart section, you will see the subtotal of what you are buying. and also ICAAN charge of a mandatory annual fee of $0.18

Once you are ready click the View cart.

namecheap domain options

Step 4

On the shopping cart page, you can select the number of years you can register the domain for. Also if you have a coupon code you can use. You can go through the addon if there is still some option you want for your domain name. Once ready, click Confirm Order.

namecheap shopping cart

Step 5

Don’t have an account with Namecheap yet? on the next page, you will need to create an account or login if you already have an account.

namecheap login or register

Step 6

Go through your domain name information. Once you are ready you can check out with PayPal or select other payment options.

namecheap register a domain

Step 7

Once your payment is successful, your domain name will be automatically registered and can be accessed from your Namecheap account. Also, check your email for your domain registration details.

That’s it, you have just purchased your domain name.

How to Update Your Namecheap Domain Nameservers

In other to start using your domain name, you will need to point it to your hosting, and you can do that by updating the nameservers of the domain name to that of your hosting.

Let’s now go ahead and update your Namecheap domain nameservers.

Step 1

From your Namecheap account dashboard click on manage on the domain name you want to change nameservers.

namecheap myaccount page

Step 2

On the domain details page, go to the nameservers section. When you open the drop-down menu, you will have to select from Namecheap BasicDNS, Namecheap Web Hosting DNS or Custom DNS.

If you purchase your hosting from Namecheap, then you will have to select Namecheap Web Hosting DNS and click the “good” icon to save changes.

But if you purchase your hosting from a different company e.g Bluehost, then you have to select Custom DNS.

namecheap domain manage

Step 3

Only choose custom DNS if your hosting company is different from your domain company.

Let’s say we purchase our hosting from Bluehost, in other to use your Namecheap domain name with Bluehost, you have to update the domain nameservers (DNS) to that of Bluehost.

So,  on the custom DNS, you have to enter nameserver 1 & 2.

And for Bluehost, their nameservers are:

namecheap domain DNS

Once you have entered your hosting nameservers, click the “good” icon to save changes.

The nameservers will be updated. You have to give it a few hours to fully take effect. You can then install WordPress from your hosting cPanel on your domain name.

However, if the domain name is not the primary domain of your hosting, then you have to add the domain as an Add-on from your hosting cPanel.

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