How to Add Wallet to Woocommerce Store

In this tutorial, I will be teaching how to add a wallet to woocommerce store using Terawallet, a WordPress plugin

With TeraWallet, customers can be able to:

  • Store their money in a digital wallet
  • Make a purchase from the store using wallet balance at checkout
  • Transfer money from one wallet to another in your store
  • Top up your wallet
  • Get rewarded for activities performed on the website e.g registration.
  • Request Wallet Withdraw (Premium feature)

Let’s get started with setting up terawallet on your woocommerce store.

Store Wallet

How to Add Wallet to Woocommerce Store

Install & active the plugin: TeraWallet – For Woocommerce

TeraWallet – For WooCommerce

After activating the plugin, the wallet will be automatically setup for you.

You can view your wallet by going to the account section of your woo-commerce store.

( where the [woocommerce_my_account] ) is on.

See example


Customizing The Store Wallet

There is more you can do with this plugin by just simply installing and activating.

Wallet Settings

From the TeraWallet >> Settings navigation menu in your WordPress dashboard, you can be able to make changes to the wallet.


The General Tab has a lot of information you can check to customize the wallet to suit your needs. You can set the minimum and maximum topup amount for the wallet,  choose to display the wallet icon on your store menu for easier access and lots more.

wallet-general, How to Add Wallet to Woocommerce Store

From the Credit Options tab, you can choose to enable Cashback Reward Program or Payment gateway charge.

wallet credit options

Wallet Actions

The TeraWallet>>Actions Menu allows you to set up Credit rewards for activities performed on your website. For example, you can choose to set up credit upon new user registration.

wallet actions, How to Add Wallet to Woocommerce Store

Wallet Extensions

Extend the functionality of the wallet from the Terawallet>>Extensions menu. You will need to purchase the extension you want to use for your wallet. For example, the withdrawal lets your users withdraw their Wallet balance to a bank and other digital accounts like PayPal.

wallet extensions, How to Add Wallet to Woocommerce Store


The Terawallet >> Terawallet sections allow you to manually manage and edit store credits of users.

That’s it for the TeraWallet plugin. Don’t forget to save the changes to the wallet cutomization.

Here we have it, How to Add Wallet to Woocommerce Store,

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