How to Add Sticky Widgets in WordPress Sidebar

A WordPress sidebar is one area of a blog that if use properly can get you more conversion.

Widgets such as subscribe forms, recent & popular post, social media follow, advertisement are what that can be found in a sidebar.

But once you begin scrolling down a page, most of this widgets becomes hidden.

If you want to double your earning or conversion from one sidebar widget, then you have to get more attention to the widget by making it stick on scroll.

You can checkout my blog sidebar to see how sticky widget works.

sticky widget sidebar

In this guide, I will be showing you how to Add Sticky Widgets/Ads in your WordPress Sidebar using one simple WordPress plugin.

How to Add Sticky Widgets in WordPress Sidebar Using Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress


Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress is a free WordPress plugin which makes widgets stay in the visible screen area when the page is scrolled up or down. Making the widget sticky. (Download Link)

Step 1: Install & Activate Q2W3 Fixed Widget for WordPress Plugin.

Don’t know how to install & activate a plugin? read this post.

Step 2: Go to Appearance > Widgets

From the widget screen, drag the widget you want to make sticky to your sidebar or if the widget is already on your sidebar, open the widget.

Every widget will have a checkbox to make it sticky.

sticky widget, Add Sticking Widgets in WordPress Sidebar

So, all you need to the is check the box “Fixed Widget” to make it sticky.

You can decide to make more than one widget sticky. But It is better to use it on the last sidebar widget so that it will not overlap with other widgets on the blog sidebar.

If you want to make change to the plugin settings, you can do so in the Appearance > Fixed Widget Options.

fixed widget options

Possible Problems with Fixed Widget Sidebar

If you are having issue with the fixed widget overlapping your blog footer, you should add the height of the footer in “Margin Bottom” of the “Fixed Widget Options” to avoid the overlapping. Add more heights until you are okay with the widget position.

I noticed that when you view your blog on mobile devices, the sticky sidebar widget still overlaps with the footer.

To fix this, you have to Disable blog Width at a point before the sidebar goes below the content.

To find out the break point width where the sidebar goes below the content, you have to right click on your blog page and click “inspect”.

If you are on chrome browser, a window will show below your blog. While the inspect window is open, begin resizing your browser.

You will see at the top right corner of the browser the width and height begins to change. e.g 993px x 262px (Width x Height)

Observe the width as you resize the browser so you can see the break point width where the sidebar goes below the content of your blog.

Once you have the width in px, now go to the “fixed widget options” and on the “disable width” add the break point width. See screenshot below.

disable width, Add Sticking Widgets in WordPress Sidebar

What Widgets Should You Make Sticky?

Note: Not all widget you should make sticky. Never make a Google Adsense ad widget sticky as it is against their ad implementation policy.

I highly recommend you check any Cost Per Click (CPC) ads you are promoting to know if they allow sticky ads or not.

But on a General note here are some ideas for a sticky widgets.

  • Affiliate Ads
  • Email Subscribe Form
  • Social Media Follows
  • Recent, Popular & Random Post etc

I hope you find this guide useful.

Do let me know in the comment section what’s your favorite widget to make sticky. Don’t forget, you can share this post to others who is looking for a solution like this.

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