How to Add Sticky Side Cart to Woocommerce Store

When you are running an online store, you will want to make sure visitors can easily navigate your website.

One way to improve on your store is to add a sticky side cart that can be displayed on any pages of your store, making it easier for visitors to checkout.

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to add a sticky side cart to your woocommerce store.

Here is an example of how the sticky side cart will look store.



Let’s get started with setting it up on your woocommerce store.

Add Sticky Side Cart to Woocommerce Store

How to Add Sticky Side Cart to Woocommerce Store

Install & activate the plugin: WooCommerce Cart

WooCommerce Cart

That’s pretty much everything you need to do to get this plugin setup and start seeing the side cart on your store.

But there is some more feature you can enable with this plugin. so go to Woo Side Cart from your WordPress admin navigation.

From there, you can make changes to the side cart to suit your needs. One change you can enable is for your side cart is Ajax Add to Cart. This will allow for adding to the cart your store products without page refresh.

side cart woocommerce

Don’t forget to save settings to reflect the changes on your website.

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