How to Add Random Quotes on Your Blog Sidebar/Widget in WordPress

Would you like to inspire your blog readers with some quotes that show randomly on your blog sidebar? I will teach you how in this tutorial

Let’s get started.

Add Random Quotes

How to Add Random Quotes on Your Blog Sidebar/Widget in WordPress

First thing first, install and activate the plugin:  Quotes Collection from your WordPress dashboard.

Quotes Collection

Next, you will need to add some quotes to use on your blog sidebar/widgets by navigating to Quotes Collection >> Add New

add quotes

Once you have entered the details of the quote, click “add quote”.

After you have added some quotes, next go to Appearance>>Widgets so we can have the quotes displayed on your website.

You will need to drag/add the random quote widget from the available widgets to your default sidebar or any areas you want the random quotes to show on your website.

random quotes1

random quotes

You can rearrange the widget to come first, middle, or bottom in the sidebar area. Don’t forget to save the changes you make to the widget.

see an example of how the quote will look like.

random quotes

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