How to add Live Sales Notification (Recent Sales Popups) on Online Store (Woocommerce)

When someone visits your online store and places an order, how would you like visitors to know about the sale?  When visitors see others buying from you, they too may be motivated to buy from you.

Here is an example of how the (test) sales notification will look like:

sales notification example

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add recent sales popups on your online store. Let’s get started.

how to add recent sales popups

How to add Live Sales Notification (Recent Sales Popups) on Online Store

First thing first, install and activate the plugin: Live Sales Notification (Recent Sales Popups).

This plugin works with woo-commerce so make sure you have setup woocommerce first

Live Sales Notification (Recent Sales Popups)

After the plugin is activated, you will need to connect the plugin with woocommerce on the next screen. Click on “LET’S CONNECT”.


Next, You will be asked to signup with a Beeketing account (developers  of the plugin)

beeketing1, Recent Sales Popups

after you have signed up or log in, the next screen will show you your website platform which should be woocommerce and website name. Make sure these details are correct, next click “ADD SHOP”.

beeketing site details, Recent Sales Popups

You will be taking to the Sales Pop Dashboard.

sales pop, Recent Sales Popups

The products on your store will be sync with the plugin automatically.

That is it, you don’t need to do anything again. Whenever someone places an order on your store there will be a live sale notification on the store.

You can see how the demo looks like and make an edit to it from the setting section in your sales pop dashboard. (you will be redirected to your sale pop dashboard at Beekeeting website)

sales notification2 sales notification3

Check other customization settings this plugin has to offer and make changes to suit your needs..

Test Purpose no actual Sales Notification (Custom Notification)

Do you want to see how the live sales popup notification works directly on your store,  without actual order placement.?  you can enable custom notification to generate sales for test purposes or for orders you got outside your store.

To enable custom notification, click on “Notification” on the Sale pop dashboard.

sales notification1

Click the “Add Custom Notification“.

Next, select the products or all products you want to show sales notification from on. After that, select the locations you want the sales to be coming from. Either randomly or from a specific location. Check other selection that you may need.

add notification sales

Once you are set, click the “Create Now” and custom sales notification will start displaying on your website without actual order placement.

custom notification sales
custom notification example

Note: The custom sale notification used to generate test sales can make visitors think you are actually getting orders from your store, which I don’t like personally, as it plays on people’s trust for your brand. But if you have orders you have gotten outside your store, then you can use the custom sale notification to generate those sales.

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