Blog Post SEO for Beginners – How to get almost perfect Yoast SEO Score

For beginners, without doing Blog Post SEO, your wonderfully written blog post may not rank well on search engines. In this guide I am going to show you how to setup your blog post SEO using Yoast SEO plugin.

SEO helps a blog post ranks better on search engines when the post keyphrase is searched, providing organic traffic to your blog for years to come.

Blog post SEO

In this guide I am going to show you how to setup your blog post for SEO using Yoast SEO plugin.

Blog Post SEO for Beginners – Yoast SEO

1) Install & activate the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Don’t know how to install & activate a plugin? read this post.

After you have activated the yoast SEO plugin, next thing you will want to do is go through the configuration wizard. Yoast configuration wizard gives you a quick SEO start. Follow the steps. You can always make changes later.

2) Edit You Blog post 

You have already written your blog post and now you want to configure it for SEO.  What you are going to do first is go through your blog post title. You have to make a focus keyphrase from the title.

Decide on a focus keyword/keyphrase

A focus keyword/keyphrase is the search term you want to rank your blog post for the most so that when people search on the focus keyword on search engines, they should be able to find your blog post.

For example this blog post title is:

Blog Post SEO for Beginners - How to get almost perfect Yoast SEO Score.

The focus keyphrase I am going to pick is:

Blog Post SEO for Beginners. 

Long Tail Keywords or phrase Deliver Traffic That Converts Better.  It is better to use them. Here is an example.

Blog Post SEO - head keyword
Blog Post SEO  for Beginners - Long Tail Keyword
Make sure the keyphrase appears several places on your blog post.

Once you have decide on the focus keyphrase to use, now you have to make sure the keyphrase appears on several places on your blog post body.

Now let’s make sure we have the right amount of keyphrase in the blog post.

Go to the Yoast SEO section of your edit post screen and enter your keyphrase. You should find it immediately after the section where you write your blog post.

Yoast SEO Keyphrase

Once you enter your focus keyphrase, the keyphrase analysis result will be shown to you.

Yoast SEO Score

Next, check your keyphrase density – This shows how many times the keyphrase appears in your blog post. Make sure it is among the good results.

Keyphrase analysis result
The analysis results shows where you pass (green), what needs improvements(yellow), and the problems(red) with your SEO. Use the analysis results to improve the SEO score.

Good SEO, Blog Post SEO for Beginners

Your target is to get Good SEO score (green) in general. You don't have to get all good score in the analysis results.

Yoast SEO Score, Blog Post SEO for Beginners

Look closely at the above screenshot, you will see that it has 8 good results, needs 1 improvement & has 4 problems.

From the Above Screenshot
Let’s start with the 8 good result I have done right in this blog post so far:


1) Internal Link: I added links linking to other pages in this blog.

2) Keyphrase Lenght: I use the keyphrase – Blog Post SEO for Beginners.

3) Keyphrase Density: My Keyphrase appeared 4 times so far in this post which is great.

4) Previously used keyphrase: I haven’t use the keyphrase before.

5) Keyphrase in Sub heading: I used the keyphrase on a sub heading.

6) Text Length: My texts are above the minimum requirement which is 300 words.

7) Keyphrase in Title: I have the exact keyphrase in this blog post title and it appeared at the beginning.

8) Keyphrase in Slug: My keyphrase appears in the url path of this blog post and in more than half.
1 Improvement needed:


1) SEO Title Width: My Seo title is short at the time of taken the above screenshot.

Blog Post SEO for Beginners - Yoast SEO 

To fix the problem, the title is going to be:

Blog Post SEO for Beginners - Yoast SEO - WPLearnhowto
4 Problems:


1) Outbound Links: no outbound links – This are links linking outside of your website. I am going to add some outbound links to fix this problem.

To add link to your text all you need to do is highlight or select the text you want to link and click the edit insert/edit link icon.

highlight text edit, Blog Post SEO for Beginners

Paste the Url you are linking to and click on the arrow to apply changes.

add link to text apply

If you want the link to open in a new window, click the settings icon.

Link option

Then check “open link in a new tab”.

edit link


2) Keyphrase in Introduction: My keyphrase didn’t appear in the first paragraph. So I will have to rewrite my introduction to include the keyphrase.

Note: Don't start changing your blog post texts to include keywords. You have to make sure when you are adjusting your blog post for SEO, your post is still making sense to readers.

3) Meta description length: No meta description has been specified. Search engines will display copy from the page instead.  This can be fixed by adding a meta description to the snippet preview.

4) Image alt attributes: No images appear on this page. When I took the above analysis result screenshot there wasn’t image on this post. But i fix this by adding some images and adding their alt attributes.

The alt attributes for the image should include your keyword phrase.

To add alt attribute to your image, all you need to do is click Edit on the image on your blog post.

Edit Image for SEO, Blog Post SEO for Beginners

Next on the alternative text, include your keyphrase as seen in screenshot below. If you want other alt text there add them separated with a comma.

Editing Image for SEO, Blog Post SEO for Beginners

If you just uploaded the image, then you can add the alt text before you insert the image into the post.

SEO image alt tag, Blog Post SEO for Beginners

3) Writing Your SEO Snippet Preview

The snippet preview allows one to write a different copy of a blog post in a Concise manner. It controls what is shown on search result.

In your snippet preview you can have a different title & description of your blog post if you want . This helps when you are trying to focus on writing for readers and not entirely for SEO.

The snippet preview is what is shown when your blog post is displayed on search engines.

Now click the “Edit Snippet” to begin making changes to your snippet review.

SEO Snippet Preview, Blog Post SEO for Beginners

The snippet preview consist of the SEO title, Meta Description & Slug

SEO Snippet Preview Edit

SEO Title: This is the title displayed on search result. It should contain the keyphrase

Meta Description: This is the description displayed on search result.  The meta description should Include your keyphrase.

Slug: This is the url shown in your browser. It should have the keyphrase in it.

By default if the snippet preview is not edited, search engine will automatically show your post title and part of the entry body text as SEO title & meta description.

Make sure you edit the snippet preview and tell search engines what to show.

Here is a screenshot of my snippet preview after I edited it.

SEO Snippet Preview Edited, Blog Post SEO for Beginners

After a few hours writing this blog post here is my new focus keyphrase analysis result.

Blog Post SEO for Beginners

4) Readability Analysis

When you write your blog post another important aspect of the SEO is how readable your text are.

No matter how you do great SEO on your post, if your post is poorly written, then you are going to see poor conversation rate.

Here are some point to take when writing your blog post
  • You have to reduce grammars errors & spelling mistakes as much as possible in your blog post.
  • Check you have included appropriate full stop, comma etc for easier reading.
  • You have to make sure each of your blog post paragraph is not too long. If your paragraphs are too long, the reader attention span begin to reduce.
  • You have to give your readers bit size paragraph so that the reader can finish reading the post.
  • You have to use sub headings in your blog post. It makes blog post easier to read.

The Readability Analysis results shows you where you did good in your writing and the areas you need to improve on for a better readability score.

You can read more of the underline links to know more about each result.

For example, the screenshot below shows that only 20.7% of my sentences contain transition words, which is not enough and I need to add more.

You can click on the transition word link to read more about them, so you can add more to your sentences.

When you click on an eye icon you will see where a analysis result is shown on the blog post.

readability analysis


That is How to get almost perfect Yoast SEO Score.

What Next? – Perform a SEO Audit of your Blog

Writing a SEO blog post is just one aspect of the general SEO of your blog. That is why I am recommending you Perform a SEO Audit of your blog.

Check your site’s health with SEMrush SEO analysis tool to see if there is any SEO issues and decide what to fix first.

SEMrush is trusted by internet marketers all over the world. It is also used by a number of businesses, big and small.

I hope you find this guide useful.

Please Feel free to write a comment below and share your experience with Blog post SEO.

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