6 Best Plugins to Add Different Types of Code Snippets Easily to Your WordPress Website

Adding code snippets to your website can now be done easily with plugins without having to necessarily edit your theme files directly to add some code snippets.

And also, it is bad practices to use the WordPress Theme editor to make changes to your template files directly, as doing so could break your site and your changes may be lost.

If by all means, you want to customize more than your site CSS, then you may consider creating a child theme.

In this article, I am going to share plugins that will help you add different types of code snippets easily to your WordPress website even if you don’t use a child theme. These plugins will help you to modify and customize your WordPress website directly from your admin area. And most of them come with a Text editor that has syntax highlighting

When you update your website theme or change the theme, your customizations on these plugins will still be kept.

6 Best Plugins to Add Different Types of Code Snippets Easily to WordPress Website

6 best Plugins to Add Code Snippet Easily To WordPress Website

1) Code Snippets

Code Snippets

Code Snippets is an easy to use plugin with a clean and simple way to run PHP code snippets on your site. This plugin removes the need to add custom snippets to your theme’s functions.php file. It allows you to extend the functionality of your website all from your WordPress dashboard.

2) Insert Headers and Footers

Insert Headers and Footers

This is a simple plugin that allows you to add extra scripts such as google analytic code, custom CSS, advertisement code to your website header & footer. You can Insert easily any code or script, including HTML and Javascript with this plugin.

3) Simple Custom CSS

Simple Custom CSS

This plugin removes the need to have a child theme if the purpose is to do only CSS changes to your website.  With this plugin, you can easily add custom CSS styles that override Plugin and Theme default styles.

If you would like to add your own CSS to your website without having to make any changes to your theme CSS, then this plugin is for you.

4) My Custom Functions

My Custom Functions

This plugin gives you the ability to easily and safely add custom PHP code to your website. With this plugin, there is no need to edit your theme functions.php

5) Insert PHP

Woody ad snippets – insert any code, text, or ads by conditions

This is almost an all in one code snippets adder. The plugin helps to create and store code snippets for use with a shortcode. So anytime you want to use a code snippet, all you have to do is paste the shortcode of the code snippet where you want it to appear on your website. With this plugin, you can show or hide code snippets using conditional logic.

Use this plugin to easily insert any code, text, or ads into your WordPress website.

6) Simple Custom CSS and JS

Simple Custom CSS and JS

Customize your WordPress website appearance by Adding custom CSS and JS easily all from this plugin awesome editor.

Here we have it, 6 Plugins to help Add Code Snippets Easily to your WordPress Website. If you like this article you can subscribe to this blog via email, so you will get updates when there are new posts.


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